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Why Start Fresh?

Our Approach

companyOur experts work to reduce or eliminate your immediate debt crisis Together we design a long term solution for your financial stability and success.

Are tired of working and not having any savings to show for it? Have garnishments started or are they looming?

Does your ever nearing credit card limit constitute your emergency fund? Is the Pay Day Lender down the street a option you are seriously considering?

There is a better way and we know the path. Start Your Better Day. Start Fresh Arizona.


Clients relationship
Our clients are the reason we founded Start Fresh Arizona.

Financial Expertise
Our expertise spans complex financial markets, years of commercial and residential real estate experience and a volume of legal experience dealing with big banks, lenders and other creditors that will make your head spin.

Treat the Whole Patient
Clients are often so focused on one troublesome aspect of their budget, they may not see another. We take the time to look at your entire financial situation.